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Ready to take a peak inside and see what we're building?
Read below and the reach out: 

Welcome To Stage 1:

Conservatory Coupe


But what exactly is 'coupe'? (koo-pay)

Well ... in ballet terms coupe means to cut. A step, therefore, is said to be coupe when shortened. It does not mean that the step is less or sloppy. In fact it will often mean that the step is more crisp and more controlled ... more packed with potential. Our Conservatory Coupe is just that; a packed-with-potential foray bringing capable and promising students into our new space as we expand into the first-of-its-kind full featured Neighborhood Conservatory. Check out below to explore the why, what, and how ... and see yourself here. 

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Okay So What Is

This Coupe Thing?

Great question, thank you for asking ...


Company 360's Conservatory Coupe is launching as a space that allows artistic students (5th to 12th grade) a safe school to study seriously by day, 3 days per week, with intensive units and classes focused on what they actually love: the arts. 


It is the prelude to our future full-time conservatory... but, for now, students learn by day,  with a special Home-Learning Liason to set you up for success in pursuits at Coupe but also those beyond. 


Yes, it's focused a lot on dance (it's guided by Bailey Anne Vincent after all), but it's for all performers (with additional guest instructors throughout the year) who want to shake off the stillness of their typical day and create a experience of learning that moves as much as it creates. 


Learn to love learning again. 

Coupe was created for homeschool or alternative education Students In Equivalent grades 5-12 who are serious about their arts!

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But What Happens At Coupe?

Every day of Coupe includes sessions wrapped around Movement, Mastery, and Making, allowing students to start the day physically, before diving into classroom sessions focused on research, report, analysis and debate, until they finally become the makers of their own fate and perfecting the fine arts of "doing" on their own (from directing, to choreographing, to script writing, to film). 


We focus on creating art... not just learning about it. 


We focus on the whole-student; curating curious, safe, supported students who can turn the tides on arts programs and problems from decades past... and be the change. 


We focus on everything that connects back to what they love- from business, to writing, to science and health. 


This is open to the serious student performer whose heart beats faster when school mentions the history of Alexander Hamilton or that a PE exercise might help them "get their leg higher"... but never has long enough to learn what they love. 


This is for the student who's so exhausted by their long school day, that they enter studio and theater environments feeling drained, risking injury, and not sure how they can fit it all in. 


This is for actors who want to learn how to move, and movers who want to learn the how and why of how we perform. 


Think ballet, yoga, pilates, jazz, strength, and so much more ... 

Think about how thinking requires oxygen and blood and while at the core of performing, moving is also at the core of living, achieving, and dreaming.


Once the blood is pumping and the body is ready to support the brain, it will be time to dig deep into topics too often relegated while intertwining core learning. Here we will get socratic, get our research on, and get into the real meat of the day's topic and current unit.


After Moving and Mastering it will be time to create and extend the earlier topical learning.


For this, each day will include projects and exercises in creation that will aim to help each trainee make sense of the chaos and find their daily 'aha' moment!

not a trained dancer ... yet?

Do not fret! Not only will we be tackling all facets of the performing arts ... we also know that everyone must start somewhere!

While our Mastery and Making sessions, items more reliant on comparative soft and hard skills, will be curated and delineated by age and/or grade; any Movement instruction will be unique in that it will be separated by ability and experience in order to allow for collective group growth or increased challenge where needed.

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Okay great, so I Think I'm In ...

But when Does All This Happen?

Planning is super important for us, and for you,

so here's the deal:


Each day of Coupe will run from 12:30PM-3:30PM, leaving time for the academic subjects to be tackled in the morning. The three stages of each day, Movement, Mastery and Making will happen within these incredible three hours. Additionally, each semester of Coupe will culminate in a showcase of trainee creation with an in-conservatory showing titled, "The Stage @ Conservatory Coupe"


But we bet you also want to know the big picture. Take a look below for how Coupe fits into the greater Company 360 annual snapshot, complementing our Fall and Spring seasons.

Want a copy for your 'files'? Click the image to download.

C360 - 22-23 - Overview Calendar Revised.png

What If I Want To Be Part of Coupe ... and Company 360?

We are building Coupe for the community, but as it has been derived and built out of our parent performing arts company, we plan to honor the commitment of those wishing to do it all. For this we have matched all three coupe days to correlate with Company 360 Trainee days. So whether you are newly auditioning for our latest show, or you have been in Company 360 in prior years, a commitment to Coupe and Company means at least one whole day per week of incredible arts and dance.

Better yet, for those coupe trainees who audition and are selected to one of Company 360's training companies, we are spinning our non-profit wheels hard in order to offer the following Company 360 discounts for Coupe Trainees:


  • Full Coupe Commitment = 50% off company show fees while an active trainee

  • 2 Days/ Week Coupe Commitment = 25% off company show fees while an active trainee

  • 1 Day/ Week Coupe Commitment = 10% off company show fees while an active trainee

With fees already nice and low, we are hoping to make this combination a mainstay of our Company 360 Access and Training initiatives.

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But Wait, Where is Coupe?

Conservatory Coupe will be the first academic and artistic venture in Company 360's brand new home at 314 Forbes Street. Situated neatly right outside of downtown Fredericksburg, this new space is ready to become your partial-week home-away-from-home.


With high ceilings, new finishes, a central location, two large studios, a built out classroom space, spaces for small group study, and the knowledge that classes share the same space as a professional performing arts company, Coupe is ready to become a first-in-the-area space for trainee artistic excellence by day. Is it easy to be the first? Of course not. Is it worth it? We think you'll agree that it is!

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Have More Questions?

Think On It, Reach Out,

Consider The Investment ...


How can I learn more?

If you've read this far you'll have to be honest with yourself ... you're interested. That's great because this concept we are launching really is something special, though certainly more special with you in it. Of course, if you still have questions we are only an email or DM or other message away:

434-282-7795 (c)

and check out Company 360's instagram and facebook links below

But how much is it?

As always, Company 360 initiatives are about securing access. Boiling down to only $10/hour, with potential for need-based scholarship, Coupe aims to be cost effective while providing more learning and growth than can ever be packed into after-school learning. Our expert instructors will have trainees learning broader, thinking deeper, and creating larger than they ever thought possible. 

Owing to the planned curriculum, we recommend committing to the full week (9 hours) for an entire year (30 weeks broken into 15 weeks in Fall and 16 weeks in Spring), but know that we are open to chatting about partial enrollment as well. While some progression may be missed, the aim will be to plan topics and units to make it possible for a trainee to attend 1 or 2 days a week if needed.*


*Partial-week slots may be limited. 

*Remember: if you're enrolled in Coupe and also selected for a Company 360 training company,

your Company 360 Participation fees may be reduced by up to 50%! 

... So Take A Leap,

No Regrets

While you're thinking, please know that there will be limited enrollment. This is due to our want of high quality over high quantity. Our main goal is to educate and inspire and create the makers of the next generation while also keeping the lights on. In order to meet all of these needs we recommend that you place a deposit today, a fee that will become the equivalent of 1 full week of participation, while spaces remain available. 

"But what if I decide or realize I cannot commit to Coupe after placing a deposit?"

Well that will be no problem at all. That is a fee that you've provided to our community and to our cause and it does not go unnoticed. Of course, if you would like we will be happy to offer a 50% return on the investment, however ...

Since all deposits will also go toward a trainee's fees, you may choose to use it toward other fees such as:


  • Putting the deposit toward any Company 360 Master Class all year long

  • Using the deposit as part of workshops and/or summer intensives

  • Or heck, even just shift it into a tax-deductible donation

So while we of course hope that you become a member of Coupe, we are equally happy to know that you've been interested, or that you'll find yourself in one of our Master Classes, or you'll be attending a Summer Intensive ... but all of that is on the other side of clicking below.

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