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Step 1

A cornerstone to the Academy 360 ethos is equity and access. While that is a driving force, in order to cultivate an exceptional conservatory atmosphere there is a certain level of earnestness and fundamental skill required to enroll. For this reason the very first step in the Admissions process is to submit an application.

Step 2

After you have applied, our faculty will review your submission. If the criteria is met, as outlined below, then a representative of the Academy will reach out to you directly to schedule a tour. Following the tour you will meet with the director and at least one other faculty member.

Step 3

Following your interview, you will receive a determination from The Director. If we believe you will be a good fit, we will invite you to one of our 4 auditions held in the sanctuary each year.

Step 4

Following your audition, you will receive your determination letter, a proposed entry level of instruction, and an outline of any financial obligation. 

Step 5

To secure a spot, all that is required is to say yes to your offer of enrollment and submit your Enrollment Fee & Deposit. Soon you'll be part of an incredible dance community growing, challenging, and achieving!

Tuition And Fees

Tuition Fee:

Commitment Fee & Deposit:

Miscellaneous Fees (supplies, dance wear, additional expenses):




Total Annual Investment:


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