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Latest Episode: Year 1: Week 3

Overcoming Stigmatization In The Arts

1:3 - Mental Health In The Arts

Explored through the lens of harmful dance stereotypes, we welcome you to join us for a socratic discussion and healing contemporary class dedicated to exploring body image, break-down-training, and the mental health pitfalls at the heart of societies relegation of the arts. One part discussion, two parts dance training, and all parts healing.


When Bailey and JL began to craft this one-room-school-house-conservatory, we knew that the capacity of the building would never be able to contain the capacity of the 360 mission: providing arts, access, and advocacy to all.


From this realization arose Academy All Access, your once a week, no tuition, full frills ticket to training from our Conservators, our guest artists, and alongside our incredibly talented and compassionate pre-professional trainees.

Our Season So Far:

The Female Voice In Arts & Culture

Equity In The Arts

Year 1 - Week 2

Dive into a new weekly combination from Bailey Anne Vincent and jump into our class that explores the history of the female voice in the arts. From pen names to penitentiaries, take a journey with us one gracefully tragic ballet step at a time.

Know The Culture, Know Your Worth

Culture Of The Arts

Year 1 - Week 1


Why do performers believe that the worse they're treated, the better they will become? Why do directors and leaders in the arts abuse their positions? How can we break the cycle and curate spaces that are rigorously challenging but also safe for a performer's body, mind, and spirit? Join our conservators and students as they delve into the tragedy of poor arts leadership socratically, emotionally, and kinetically.

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