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While a school has faculty, an arts academy will traditionally have instructors and visiting artists, we view our educators a little differently. We believe they should be able to shape students and build them up without ever needing to tear them down. We believe strongly in the pliability of the young artist to learn and grow, especially when correctly and respectfully motivated, and so those who lead our trainees way must be something just a little bit more. For that reason, those that would typically be considered teachers in a school are the conservators of the arts for us, curating and challenging and developing our trainees through experience, empathy, and excellence.

Executive Director & Conservator of Media Arts

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Conservator of Dance & Communication Studies

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Conservator of Musical Arts

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Conservator of Math and Sciences


Conservator of  The Humanities


Conservator of All-Access & Film Studies


Conservator of Development & Public Relations

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