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We are the answer to the question you may not have asked yet. We are the question of the status quo. We are inspiring 36 middle to high school age artists, and endless more digitally, from within an historic Golgotha Church, steps from the Rappahannock River and Fredericksburg, Virginia. We are The Conservatory at Old Golgotha, an innovative and accelerated dance and performing arts initiative reimagining the One-Room School-House for a new generation of pre-professional and professional artists.


With our small but mighty faculty, an interdisciplinary approach, built in acts of service, endowment covered tuition, and a missive to educate body-neutral arts leaders to think outside of themselves, The Conservatory is rewriting the rules of arts and conservatory education, and we invite you to come write with us!


The Latest From 

Old Golgotha

Company 360 begins its move into the new space at 100 Forbes Street, opening up a new era for this incredible professional arts organization!

Our inaugural Trainees tour the space and imagine their future with Academy 360 and Company 360's Artistic Director, Bailey Anne Vincent.

Company 360 Conservator, (Name), leads our Trainees in community service efforts from in-school dance classes to library read-alongs to free shows at local care facilities.

Academy 360 Trainees work hard to become adept at, as well as honor, the diverse jobs that go into creating memorable stage stories. From business to tech to performance, our Trainees can do it all.

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