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At Academy 360 we recognize that the world feels increasingly fractured and that students are often left to bear the consequences of a divided society. We also believe that the true power of the arts lies in the bridging of peoples and cultures. Therefore, we vow to cultivate a creative community that curates, supports, and promotes unity.

Originally seeded as an extension of the professional dance company to which it remains affiliated, Academy 360 is the living extension of all above, as well as a mission driven by Art, Access, and Advocacy. For these reasons, community resides squarely at the very heart of learning at Academy 360, with many community projects being promoted and led by our trainees. 

Read on to learn about Academy in the Community.

Soup Kitchen

Academy 360

In The Community

Dance Outreach

Equity in education

Beautification Projects

Work In Social Justice

Women's Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

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