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Studying At Old Golgotha

While some schools will lay claim to rigorous academics alone, and some conservatories will one-track their students at the expense of learning, our goal is a simple one nestled neatly in between. Our program is crafted meticulously to create caring, talented, intelligent, well-rounded student performers and innovators. We then present our instruction when our student's mind and body are at their best ... rather than at the end of a grueling day of rote and standardized learning.

Studying At 

Old Golgotha


Arts & Academics

As modern humanity, we have watched as the arts, arguably the foundation of modern society, continue to be relegated to a second tier position. Budgets become stripped as we grind our students, regardless of their passions, onward toward benchmarks instead of personal growth and 

We  believe in educating and growing the whole student, as well as the whole performer. For this reason we blend the worlds of art and academic in order to motivate, 

Dance - All Styles
Directing For Stage & Screen
Language Arts
Lighting Design
Audio Engineering
American Sign Language
Photography & Videography
Film And Television
Foreign Languages
Business and the Arts
Easel Arts & The Human Form
Outreach & Enrichments

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